Higher Education: ‘A Four-Year Attack on America and God’

In a post over at LifeZette, Alex McFarland declares: Free speech, free thought, and a student’s true potential are all casualties of a PC culture.

McFarland makes the case that “Unless you send Junior to a solidly Christian and/or conservative college, there’s a very good chance you’ll be spending your hard-earned savings for an eight-semester politically correct indoctrination program.”

After interviewing hundreds of students, professors and administrators, McFarland is convinced that “College education is less about the pursuit of truth and more about imparting a carefully guarded, often forcefully imposed narrative of economic socialism, political globalism, moral relativism, militant secularism, and personal meaning through hedonism.”  Read it and weep:

“College costs four years and $100,000 to discover that you can’t know anything.”

Variations of that sentiment have been circulated by trend watchers, cultural commentators and worldview speakers like myself for years now. Over a decade ago, in his excellent and heavily footnoted work “Brainwashed,” author Ben Shapiro observed that a college “education” at many universities today amounts to “a four-year attack on America and God.”

Shapiro had been fired from the UCLA Daily Bruin for writing an op-ed piece around the radical idea that the nation of Israel should not be forced by the U.N. to give up land for peace. Though extortion-like “land-for-peace” agreements have never brought lasting peace to the Middle East, and though such arrangements have never served the best interests of the nation of Israel, approval of such has been the accepted party line for much of Western academia for years.

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