A Quantum Leap Into the Paranormal

In this piece over at truthXchange, Dr. Peter Jones warns that more and more people are experiencing visions of divine light…encounters with various blissful and wrathful archetypal deities…communication with spirit guides and superhuman entities…contact with shamanic power animals…

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

“Christian, stay alert!” advises Dr. Jones for we are “moving as a culture into a deep intimacy with the occult: from simple online ‘courses’ to outright shamanism, to after-school Satan clubs, and to ‘spirit cooking,’ to name just a few.”

Speaking of the world of the occult, Dr. Jones reveals that Carl Jung, one of the most influential psychologists of modern times “was widely and incorrectly received in the Western church as the first ‘Christian’ psychologist.” Dr. Jones reveals that Jung “admitted in his personal diary that the occult was the essence of his theories.” What is more, Jung channeled a spirit guide, Philemon, who was “an old man with the horns of a bull and the wings of a bird,” who, said Jung “represented a force which was not myself.”

Learn more about the world in which we now live from occult authority Dr. Peter Jones. He writes:

I just received an invitation to sign up for a teaching webinar offered by Jean Houston, a highly popular occult channeler and close friend of Hillary Clinton. Houston’s series is entitled: Unlock your Quantum Powers. Her terminology is arcane and mystifying. What are our “quantum powers”? Her explanation doesn’t help: “You are an organism in the universe of totality.” This is only a fancy, seductive way of describing what folks in the new spiritual circles call “being one with nature.” Houston gets even more spiritual when she invites participants into a “Partnership with the collective consciousness of the universe,” since we are “co-creators with the Universe.” She goes on: “This session will shift your beliefs about the Universe onto a much more potent and stable foundation so you can begin to transform your life in leaps and bounds…” Houston boasts that people from 53 countries have already signed up for the seminar.

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