The Boy Scouts Are Playing with Fire

In a piece over at LifeZette, Dr. Meg Meeker shares her concern that girls who identify as boys and insist on becoming Boy Scouts may experience abuse, pregnancy and bullying.  She writes:

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced that they now welcome transgender kids into their ranks. Many people have heard about this decision — but there’s much more to know.

As well-intentioned as the organization may be, there are some serious problems for all of the scouts when it comes to this policy. Here’s why.

First, having a boy who feels he’s a girl or a girl who feels she’s a boy camping alongside other scouts creates tension for all of the children. Where should the transgender child sleep and change clothes? If he is a transgender boy — feeling like a boy but living in a body with breast and a vagina — and he asked to sleep alone, he will feel unaccepted and alone. But if he sleeps with the other boy scouts — as the transgender lobby demands — the risk for abuse, pregnancy, bullying or chiding is unacceptably high.

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