Bethel faculty: Bible compels us to use inclusive language

It appears that Bethel, a Christian university, has been swayed by postmodernism and will disregard the inspired Word of God’s depiction of gender roles and bow to the god of political correctness. Campus Reform has the story:

Bethel University is encouraging its faculty “to be clear in our Christian witness” by eschewing masculine terminology, despite the Bible consistently referring to humans as “man” or “mankind.”

A guide published by the Bethel library called “Language is a Powerful Tool” tells Bethel employees that their Christian faith and the Bible compel them to use inclusive language.

“The Bible teaches us to value all people because they are created in God’s image,” the guide begins. “Some traditional uses of language have been perceived as excluding a substantial group of people. To be clear in our Christian witness, the Bethel faculty encourages the use of inclusive language.”

One general guideline states that employees should “avoid using masculine terms to refer to people who may be either male or female,” urging them to “use a substitute for words like ‘man or ‘mankind’ when you mean a more inclusive term” and suggesting several “adequate substitutes.”

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