Trinity Broadcasting Network on hook for entire $2 million judgment awarded to Jan Crouch’s granddaughter, judge says

According to Orange County Register:

Trinity Broadcasting Network, which preaches the “prosperity gospel,” is on the hook for the entire $2 million in damages that a jury awarded to the aggrieved granddaughter of Trinity’s founders, a judge decided.

Later in the story we learn that,

The $2 million awarded by the jury last week was carved up so that Trinity was only responsible for paying 45 percent of it – $900,000. The other $1.1 million was the responsibility of Crouch’s mother and the man involved, the jury decided – even though neither was named in the suit.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Peter Wilson up-ended that formula with an order made public on Monday. The jury found that Crouch is entitled to $2 million, Wilson said, and ordered Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, TBN’s corporate parent, to pay the entire sum, with interest accruing at 10 percent per year until it’s paid.

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