Post-Christian America: Gullible, Intolerant, and Superstitious

David French, columnist for National Review, reveals that many of the best-educated and least-religious people he knows aren’t all that reasonable. Why does he say that? Because a large number of so-called intelligent people hold to some pretty irrational views about reality. For example, a former Harvard Law School classmate of his laughed at the Bible but believed in reincarnation. French also remembers Harvard students who wouldn’t step foot in a church frequenting a local witchcraft store. So how is it that really smart people think the Bible is dumb, yet they have a fascination with charms, potions and spells? In other words, the world of the occult.

David French offers his view of what has caused many Americas to choose darkness over light:

In some secular progressive circles, a certain myth persists. If you defeat the forces of traditional Christianity — you know, the rubes and fools who believe the Bible is the Word of God — then you’ll make way for a more enlightened, rational, and humane nation and world. In other words, the alternative to religion is reason, and reason is mankind’s great liberating force.

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