College’s ‘Welcome’ Concert Celebrates Misogyny, Drug Use

Why would Ole Miss, a university dedicated to promoting goodness and beauty to young people, invite a known pothead whose lyrics celebrate the sexualization of women and glorify alcohol and drug use, as the headliner at their beautiful new 10,000 seat basketball arena during Welcome Week? Lee Habeeb of LifeZette has the story:

It’s the first week of school in the college town of Oxford, Mississippi, home of the University of Mississippi — otherwise known as Ole Miss. Returning college students, a good number of them newcomers to the school, got the full treatment this past week about all manner of things, some of which no doubt had to do with the usual sensitivity and tolerance training now common at most universities. And some of which had to do with alcohol awareness, public safety, and the Ole Miss Creed, which covers the subject of public decency, among other topics.

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