Obedience: 8 Ways To Stop Making Excuses and Start Obeying Scripture

Bible study author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley reminds us that “There is never any acceptable reason or excuse to say, ‘I can’t,’ when it comes to a command of Scripture.  God expects us to be obedient,” says Lesley.  Following are 8 ways we can move from all the excuses we come up with when we choose to disobey Him, to obedience. For example, consider that God is testing you. Will you pass or fail the test?

Now discover 8 ways you can stop making excuses and obey God’s commands:

Excuses, excuses.

We’ve all got them. We’ve all used them.

“The dog ate my homework.”

“I was going to, but…”

“I’d can’t, because…”

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons we can’t take part in certain earthly activities. Time conflicts: If a birthday party and a wedding are scheduled for the same date and time, you obviously can’t be in two places at once. Financial constraints: Maybe you’d really like to attend that conference, but there’s no money in the budget. Prioritized responsibilities and loyalties- you’d like to travel as much as you did when you were single, but now that you have a family, taking care of them comes first.

Most Christians seem to grasp this concept when it comes to one of the “big” commands. Take abortion, for example. We know that abortion is a sin regardless of the circumstances, even when those circumstances are huge and scary. We reach out to pregnant women with the gospel and with practical help so that they won’t commit that sin. We love the homosexual who wants to come to Christ but is being pulled the other direction by her lifestyle, living arrangements, and loved ones, by compassionately providing for her needs while holding firm to the biblical gospel that says she must turn from her sin in repentance if she wants to be saved.

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