Joel Osteen’s words versus Hurricane Harvey’s winds…

From Churchwatch Central:

Could Joel Osteen have prevented Hurricane Harvey?

Sadly Osteen is a heretic (a person who promotes anti-Christian teaching under the guise of a Christian minister). Although the backdrop of his Lakewood church is of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), he has pioneered shaping his movement independent of the NAR to that of a Word of Faith (WOF) and Health and Wealth (HAW) cult. The dominionist aspect of NAR teaching is still there in his false doctrine (“I am the head and I am not the tail”), but it is clearly trumped by his positive confession and unhealthy focus on wealth.

“Friend, if you’ll do your part and speak words of victory, God will pour out His favor in exciting, fresh ways in your life, and you will live the abundant life He has in store for you.”

If Joel sincerely believes these false teachings – where was he using faith and taking dominion, by speaking against Hurricane Harvey? Where is Mr “I Am” when you need him? Where is Joel’s Army when Houston, Texas needed him the most?

The theology you are about to read below in no way represents any form of Christian teaching. You will find this teaching in the New Age movement, which means it is nothing more than occultism. This type of theology puts Joel Osteen and his church outside of the Christian faith and marks them as a cult: they are simply borrowing the Christian language to invent their own religion and making money out of people.

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