Passion City Church Cancels Church Services for ‘Sabbath Break’

According to Seth Dunn, celebrity-pastor Louis Giglio will cancel church services on Labor Day weekend which very well could be because it’s a low church attendance weekend, “especially for seeker-sensitive churches like Passion City.” In his piece over at Pulpit & Pen, Dunn reveals that “The church’s website, while telling worshipers to stay home on Sunday, reminded them to still send in their gifts.”  He writes:

I’m not making this up.  I don’t think I could.  This is actually happening.  Louie Giglio’s Passion City Church has canceled its Sunday services on August 27th and September 3rd for what it has deemed a “Sabbath break”.  The church’s pastor has instructed his congregation not to come to church on the Lord’s Day in order to “Stop. Rest. Remember”.  A cursory biblical justification is given on the church’s website for canceling Sunday services for “Sabbath rest” but it’s not hard to discern that this course of action is a plainly ridiculous one for any biblically grounded church to take.

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