UC Santa Cruz Art Department Chair: Have Sex with Earth to Save It


We’re posting Breitbart’s piece to show you just how wacky some environmentalists are. Keep in mind that Elizabeth Stephens, who’s clearly a kook, is the Chair of the Art Department at UC Santa Cruz. Tom Ciccotta has the story:

UC Santa Cruz Professor Elizabeth Stephens, a pioneer in the “ecosexual” movement, is encouraging the public to engage in environmentalism by having sex with the Earth.

Stephens, the Chair of the Art Department at UC Santa Cruz, a public university, first garnered public attention four years ago with the release of her documentary Ecosexual Love Story, in which she and others licked trees, rolled around in mud, and engaged in vaguely sexual acts with elements of nature.

Stephens is still promoting her brand of ecosexuality. Just this summer she hosted an “Ecosex Walking Tour” in which she taught participants “25 ways to make love to the Earth, raise awareness of environmental issues, learn ecosexercises, find E-spots, and climax with the planetary clitoris.” Stephens is also slated to premiere her documentary Water Makes Us Wet during an art exhibition in Germany this week.

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