Is the Bible’s treatment of homosexuality ‘complicated’?

From Berean Research:

This is an important read. Denny Burk, Professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College, has written a book review of “Single Gay Christian.” In his review Burk explains that a growing number of Christians honestly believe that a Christian can identify as gay and remain celibate — that being gay is “central to my identity.” In other words, being gay is something that defines certain people and is at the core of a person’s being and that sexual attractions are not just how he/she is but who he/she is.

Burk does not buy this, of course. He cannot reconcile this view with Scripture. “Scripture teaches explicitly that homosexual desire and behavior are “against nature”—meaning against God’s original creation design (Rom. 1:26-27).” Burk points out that–and this is important to understand–“Much of the evangelical conversation on these issues has been colonized by secular identity theories. Those theories are premised on an unbiblical anthropology which defines human identity as ‘what I feel myself to be’ rather than ‘what God designed me to be.’” (emphasis added) Taking this into account, professing Christians should listen to his advice and “think their way through to biblical clarity on sexuality and gender issues.”

Here’s Professor Burk’s thought provoking review of “Single Gay Christian”:

I just finished reading Gregory Coles’ moving memoir Single Gay Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity (IVP, 2017). In many ways, there is much to admire about this book. Coles is a great writer and has put together a real page-turner. This is not a boring book. Coles’ honesty and vulnerability come through in just about every page. Coles is telling his own story—warts and all—and he’s gut-wrenchingly honest about his emerging awareness of himself as a same-sex attracted man.

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