Perry Noble Uses Filthy Hollywood PR Guy to Threaten P&P With Legal Action; Takes Article Offline

Before we get to the Pulpit & Pen story, Berean Research reports that there have been some significant developments in Perry Noble’s threat to bring legal action against P&P.  The Christian community should be made aware of what’s going on, as this is very troubling. Berean Research informs us that,

This is a developing story. Whatever your opinion on the elements of the article, the most disturbing of all is the idea that anyone could remove a blogger’s post from his or her site without that blogger or site owner knowing. Updates will be posted here.

Now to P&P’s report:

That’s a first. A post we published about Perry Noble threatening us with legal action completely disappeared from our website. It has also been taken down from Church Watch Central, a site that also ran the story. We reached out to Church Watch Central, and they were told that we (that is, Pulpit & Pen) removed the article because they brought legal action against us and we agreed it was erroneous. That did not happen. Not only did they not bring legal action (they only threatened it), we did not take the article down. Frederick’s outfit lied. The article they threatened us about, in fact, is still up online.   View article →

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