Michael Brown is More Dangerous to Christianity than a Jihadi: We Release Emails with Brown

CRN has warned our readers about noted apologist Dr. Michael Brown for several years now, as he has no problem standing with false teachers in their error, from the infamous Benny Hinn, to cover-up artist Brian Houston, goofball Sid Roth, and self-professed prophetess Jennifer LeClaire. This piece by Jordan Hall of Pulpit & Pen is yet another warning to “mark and avoid” smooth talkers like Brown who “deceive the heart of the naive.” (Rom 16:17-18) The email exchange provided by JD Hall shows that this man simply cannot be trusted:

Earlier in the year, I made a Facebook comment that was an excerpt from a manuscript I would go on to preach at the Judge Not Conference. You can see the clip of the sermon this whole thing is about below, and for your convenience, it’s at about the 10.06 mark.

Michael Brown was recently on The Naked Bible podcast with Mike Heiser. You can listen to the full episode here, in which Brown goes to great pains to defend the New Apostolic Reformation and its leaders. I was brought up at around the 38 minute mark. You can listen to the short clip below.

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