What Happens When Christianity Doesn’t Work

Christianity is not true because it works, says Dr. Michael Horton. “That is to say, it does not solve all of the problems that we think it should solve. Those who become Christians because they were told it would fix their marriages, only to find themselves in divorce court, might well give up on Christianity. Those who expected to be free of sinful habits and desires after a conversion in which ‘sudden victory’ was promised may find themselves disillusioned with God altogether soon thereafter, when they realize that they are still sinners saved by grace.”

Dr. Horton, J. Gresham Machen professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Seminary and host of the White Horse Inn, offers hope in the midst of suffering. His must read piece is posted over at CCC Discover:

So often, when people come to Christ, they are promised “victory in Jesus.” Smiling, happy people tell about how they once were unhappy, and now they are filled with buoyant exultation. Broken marriages are fixed, wayward children are returned to the straight and narrow, and depression is banished to the old life, but what happens when Christianity doesn’t work?

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