Scare Quote Explosion: ‘Pastor’ Perry Noble’s ‘Church’ Launch ‘Sermon’ a Total Mess

Pulpit & Pen News has the latest on the Perry Noble saga. The “spiritually unqualified” disgraced pastor “took to Facebook for the ‘digital launch’ of his ‘church,’ Second Chance ‘Church.'” P&P posted the video of the event and reviews Noble’s sermon:

Perry Noble was known for primarily three things, prior to self-destructing in his personal life due to alcoholism and bad marital decisions (and now divorce). He was known for (1) being the pastor of a mega-church, NewSpring, (2) playing Highway to Hell for Easter worship , (3) for his theology that was sooooo bad it earned a rebuke from his denomination.

When Noble refused to go away and later announced the beginning of a new church plant, it forced the hand of his former church to formally denounce him as spiritually unqualified (Noble agreed with them, but continued anyway). Even still, mega-pastors like Steven Furtick have continued to embrace him, along with a legion of online followers.

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