The Antidote to Anemic Worship

From Berean Research:

In far too many churches, the Bible is nearly silent, chides Albert Mohler, president of Baptist Theological Seminary. “The public reading of Scripture has been dropped from many services and the sermon has been sidelined, reduced to a brief devotional appended to the music.” We are in the age of entertainment, says Mohler.  And there is little desire for expository teaching anymore. To please the congregation, many of whom are goats, some preachers put in a “brief message of encouragement or exhortation before the conclusion of the service.” As a result of pastors giving their congregants what they want, a large number of churches have strayed from authentic worship that pleases God.

Dr. Mohler’s piece is posted over at Ligonier Ministries:

The Sermon on the Mount
Carl Bloch, 1890

Evangelical Christians have been especially attentive to worship in recent years, sparking a renaissance of thought and conversation on what worship really is and how it should be done. Even if this renewed interest has unfortunately resulted in what some have called the “worship wars” in some churches, it seems that what A.W. Tozer once called the “missing jewel” of evangelical worship is being recovered.

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