Nationwide Outrage and Demands for the Closure of Beloved Fast-Food Chain Rip Across Internet

“I’ve enjoyed the convenience of the drive-thru three miles from my house, but no way do they get my money now.”

(LifeZette)  In-N-Out, the Christian-owned burger chain that originated in California, is facing a boycott after it was discovered the company donated over $25,000 to the Republican Party.

The campaign, originating on Twitter, now has gained national attention after journalist Gabriel Schneider posted the now-viral tweet.

Eric C. Bauman, a Democratic Party leader in California, started the hashtag #BoycottInNOut, and the cause has garnered attention from the likes of Newsweek, The Huffington Post, ABC, and The Daily Mail.

While it’s become a cause du jour among those on Twitter, the mostly online controversy has failed to ask the question: When do issues of politics and issues of privacy demand a little lenience?

Among California natives, the fast-food chain has long been noted for its Christian practice of ethical slaughtering of animals along with the inclusion of biblical quotes inside its serving cups.  View article →