Thousands of Catholic women ask Pope: Did you cover-up for McCarrick, as Viganò claims?

“We are the mothers and sisters of your priests, seminarians, future priests and religious,” the letter reads.

(Stephen Kokx – LifeSiteNews) – A group of prominent Catholic women have written an open letter to Pope Francis imploring him to provide clarity on the “escalating” sex abuse crisis currently “engulfing” the Church.

Expressing anger, betrayal, and heartbreak, the women bluntly ask Pope Francis if Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s detailed testimony about sex abuse being covered up by Vatican officials, including the Pope, is true or not.

“We are Catholic women deeply committed to our faith and profoundly grateful for Church teachings, the Sacraments, and the many good bishops and priests who have blessed our lives,” they write.

They also call on him to publicly state when he learned of the “abhorrent” allegations against now ex-Cardinal McCarrick and if he knew about and lifted sanctions reportedly imposed on him by Pope Benedict.

“We, your flock, deserve your answers now,” the women’s letter reads. “The answers are surely known to you.” These are “devastating” allegations that have caused our hearts to be broken and faith tested, it adds. “To your hurting flock, Pope Francis, your words are inadequate. They sting.” View article →


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