New Bible Published to Help Catholics Catch Up With Protestants In Scripture Knowledge

“Many Catholics that I meet feel that scripture is kind of inaccessible to them. They don’t feel like scripture is something they can pick up every day and read and have a conversation with God through it.  But this Bible is going to help people do that.”

(Daily Caller – Joshua Gill) Bible scholars have developed a new edition of the Bible designed to help everyday Catholics overcome the notion that scripture study is particular to Protestants.

Bible scholar Mary Healy, general editor for “The Great Adventure Catholic Bible” published by Ascension Press, said it is intended to make the Bible more accessible to the Catholic laity and thereby encourage their daily communion with God through scripture. Healy asserted that while many Catholics have not grown up studying scripture and were instead led to believe that doing so was a Protestant practice, such thinking is not in line with the teachings of early church fathers.

“As Catholics we’ve not had a culture of studying the Bible. Many Catholics were brought up with the idea that reading the Bible is something more Protestant,” Healy told Crux Now. “That’s actually a tremendous distortion that would have horrified St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas, any of the fathers of our church or theologians of our history, who recognized scripture as the word of God and the soul of theology.” View article →


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