Witches Hex Kavanaugh, Trump; Americans Welcome Halloween

“Not surprisingly, the black magic occult ritual aimed at Justice Kavanaugh was also a fundraiser. Organizers said money raised is going to charity, to an LGBTQ youth center, and to Planned Parenthood, America’s richest abortion provider, receiving $545 million in taxpayer funding each year.”

(David Fiorazo)  Last weekend, organizers in New York hosted an event for actual witches to put a hex on Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh; the latest in the Halloween movie series made a killing at theaters, and Americans will spend $9 billion this year on the controversial holiday.

What’s with our fascination with death, the supernatural, witches, zombies, and the occult? What about Halloween? Should we take the history and meaning of the tradition seriously or is it harmless and innocent? And why should we care about the practice of hexes and casting spells?

To some, it’s a game while others are seriously trying to harm people, and today’s witches are getting organized. Their Facebook group is 13,000-strong, and since the 2016 presidential election, witches have apparently been casting spells in attempts to “Bind Trump.” Christianity and Judaism regard the practicing of witchcraft, astrology, and the occult as very real – and very demonic.

The Left has unraveled as some in the #MeToo movement have now joined the radical feminist wing of political activists as we approach Mid-term elections. Since they didn’t get their way in the Kavanaugh ‘Witch Trial’ (Supreme Court nomination hearings) a few weeks ago, a ritual was held to hex the new Supreme Court Justice.

The spell was livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram on Saturday, and organizers at the Catland occult shop in Brooklyn said the hex was an act of resistance.

Their plan was to place:

“a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists, and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them,”

A hex on the patriarchy at large? This rebellion against God as Father and Creator denies the natural, divine order of things. The spirituality behind today’s feminism includes the quest for power over men, the goal to overthrow male leadership in society, and a belief that every woman possesses an internal god.

New Age proponents teach that Wicca, paganism, and witchcraft are all centered on a religion involving the mystery and sexuality of the female. To accomplish dominance in society, they must invoke certain spirits to help destroy the Judeo-Christian religions which are led by rabbis, pastors, and priests. View article →


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