Not The Babylon Bee: Christian At UC-Berkeley Harassed, Denounced For Saying There Are Two Sexes

Activists are trying to destroy a lone Christian student who dared speak out in favor of a Trump administration proposal to define sex according to biological realities.

(Brad Polumbo – The Federalist)   When news leaked in late October that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was considering a move to once again define sex according to biological realities, it set off a political firestorm and raucous debate about transgender issues. Mainstream media outrage over the issue has now mostly subsided, but on many liberal college campuses, outrage is still in full swing.

At the University of California at Berkeley, for instance, campus activists are trying to destroy Isabella Chow — a lone Christian student who dared speak out in favor of the move. Unfortunately, this outrageous series of events embodies a national trend of intellectual hostility on college campuses that threatens the integrity of our higher education system.

The feverish insanity at UC Berkeley culminated in a Nov. 7 protest, but it had been ravaging the campus for weeks prior. It began when liberal students introduced a resolution at a student senate meeting which would have condemned the Trump administration’s proposed proposal to define sex in relation to biology. View article →


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