Why Are So Many Millennials Ignorant Anti-Americans?

The survey also asked which is better for America’ future: capitalism or socialism? Overall, 61% of the public favors capitalism. Given the appalling record of socialism, that is a shockingly low percentage.

(Investors Business Daily)  Mis-education: Congratulations to the leftists who’ve taken over the nation’s public education system. They’re now producing generations of Americans who know little about their own country, other than that they hate it. That’s what a new survey shows, anyway.

A new YouGov poll asked more than 1,000 people aged 14 and up about their knowledge of the country’s history and institutions, and their patriotic feelings toward the U.S. The nationwide survey, sponsored by the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness, produced some alarming results.

Basically, it found younger generations — millennials (age 22-27) and Gen Z (age 14-21) — are less likely to love and respect the country. And they’re less informed about American history, and way more likely to embrace socialism. Is that just evidence of youthful ignorance? Or is it the result of a school system that indoctrinates children in leftist ideology?

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