Discovery of Giant Synapsid Fossil in Poland ‘Throws a Wrench’ in Evolutionary Expectations for Triassic Layers

“Brian Thomas, a science researcher with the Institute for Creation Research, said the discovery of the Lisowicia bojani—while those who wrote the report on the find might not see it as such—points to the handiwork of the Creator.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  The remains of a large synapsid the size of an elephant has been discovered in Triassic rock layers in Poland, much to the surprise of researchers who thought that colossal mammal-like creatures had died out prior to the existence of dinosaurs. Christians, however, state that the find is no surprise and again points to the Great Flood.

While paleontologists claim in the journal Science that the massive rhinoceros-like beast, which has been named as the new species Lisowicia bojani, lived approximately 200 million years ago and is the product of evolution, it is noted that the discovery does raise a number of questions.

“We used to think that after the end-Permian extinction, mammals and their relatives retreated to the shadows while dinosaurs rose up and grew to huge sizes,” said Dr. Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki of Uppsala University, who co-authored the report with Tomasz Sulej and Jerzy Dzik of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

“The discovery of Lisowicia changes our ideas about the latest history of dicynodonts, mammal Triassic relatives. It also raises far more questions about what really make them and dinosaurs so large,” Sulej also stated.  View article →


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