Read my lips: Media’s love for George H.W. Bush more about hatred of Donald Trump

“All the sudden praise, all the accolades, this surprise love affair with George H.W. Bush. It is all just another vehicle for demonstrating their hatred for Donald Trump.”

(Charles Hurt – The Washington Times)   It has been nothing short of miraculous in this new season of Advent to hear all the Hosannas and applause for our recently departed former President George H.W. Bush.

In The New York Times, Mr. Bush was heralded for his “uncommon grace.”

The Washington Post called him a “giant of a man.”

“The most kind and considerate person I’ve ever known.”

“The most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on.”

Not your typical remembrances from jaded politicos about mere mortals. Especially if that mortal happens to be a Republican politician.

Where were all these lofty accolades when Mr. Bush was alive? Where was all this love when he was president? Where was this towering regard for the man when he was losing his re-election campaign in 1992?

Oh, that’s right. The press lies. And there is no time to lie about someone like once they are dead and no longer pose any threat.

When President Bush was alive and still a threat in politics, he was scorned and ridiculed by the press.

He was doddering and out-of-touch. Patrician, they called him. A buffoon who barfed in the lap of the Japanese prime minister during a state dinner.   View article →