Netflix Tells Kids To Learn About Sex By Watching The ‘American Pie’ Films

“While considered tame by today’s standards, where every cable and streaming show features sex and nudity in nearly every scene, “American Pie” was notorious for pushing the raunchy humor envelope in the late-’90s to new extremes. The most famous (for better or worse) scene featured the main character, Jim, getting intimate with an apple pie.” 

(Paul Bois – Daily Wire)  Gone are the days when children would learn about the birds and bees in a chat with mom and dad by the fireplace. In progressive 2018, the headmasters of Netflix are the great educators, and they have the perfect instructional materials to broaden the little tykes’ horizons: the “American Pie” movies. 

In response to the repeal of a graphic sex education program in Ontario, Netflix Canada suggested on social media that children can “learn about sex” by watching the ’90s teen comedy that out-raunched both “Porky’s” and “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.”

“Since the Ontario sex-ed curriculum has gone back in time, you can ‘learn’ about sex the way teens in the ’90s did: all the American Pie movies are now on Netflix,” the streaming service tweeted on Dec. 5.

Recently, the government of Ontario repealed the Kathleen-Wynne sex-education program that exposed children to explicit sexual content at an early age. The Netflix tweet was more of a pointed political statement than ironic hyperbole.  View article →