Five Big Differences Between JMac and the Papist on Ben Shapiro’s Program

Bishop Robert Barron

Barron very clearly said that Shapiro could be saved by Christ “indirectly received” by following their conscience or by following the laws of Moses.

(JD Hall – Pulpit & Pen)  The religion of Jesus is entirely different from the religion of the Roman Catholic Church. They hold to a different gospel. They are two different religions. Practitioners of those religions have two different eternal fates.

Dr. John MacArthur gave a good effort at presenting the Gospel authentically and accurately to Ben Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, on Shapiro’s program several weeks ago. David Limbaugh, another evangelical, gave a perspective on Christianity that was not much different than MacArthur’s just a week later.

However, this week Shaprio invited Bishop Robert Barron, a Papist, to talk religion. What Barron demonstrates is that Catholicism is not a different spin on Christianity. It is a different religion from Christianity altogether.

There are five big differences between John MacArthur’s gospel presentation on Shapiro’s program and Robert Barron’s. These differences make the distinction between true and false religion.

5. JMac wanted Shapiro to read the Bible, but the Papist discouraged him from doing so and called it “irresponsible.”

MacArthur wanted Shapiro to read the Scripture and find Jesus in the pages of the Old Testament, perhaps to be quickened by the Holy Spirit.

The Papist, on the other hand, discouraged Shapiro from reading the Bible, claiming that it would be “borderline irresponsible.” You can listen to that at about the 1.30 mark.

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