Are Creationists Trying to Stop ‘Sound Science Education’?

“My challenge to AU (as I gave to Bill Nye “the Science Guy”): name one technological achievement that requires belief in naturalistic evolution. There’s none!” 

(Ken Ham – Answers In Genesis)  A blog appeared recently on the website for Americans United for Separation of Church and State titled, “Creationists Remain Hard at Work Trying to Block Sound Science Education.” It laments the tide of public opinion against evolution in the US and the way this influences how teachers present evolutionary ideas in the classroom. But I think headline should read instead, “AU Works Hard to Stop Every Student from Being Taught the Truth Regarding Evolution.”

AU is really a group (just like the FFRF) that bullies those who don’t agree with them, trying to impose their anti-God religion of evolution on all students. They want every child to believe they’re just animals and that life is ultimately meaningless (the logical outcome of an evolutionary, atheistic worldview). I thought I would address several of the misleading themes and statements made throughout the article.

First, we need to challenge their claim that creationists don’t want students taught evolution. As we’ve said before, we don’t fight the idea of children learning about evolution (and we don’t even insist creation must be taught in school!)—but we want them to learn about evolution, warts and all. Sadly, the massive problems with evolution are rarely presented. Instead it’s taught as fact in most classrooms throughout the nation.

Here are just two of the many problems with evolutionary ideas:   View article →


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