What to Do with A Gay Priest

“Sam Allberry is quite busy running around with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries doing all he can to convince the church that it needs to affirm celibate homosexuals. Of course, the term employed in this project is Same-Sex Attracted. He knows that evangelicals will have a hard time swallowing the stigmatized word “homosexual.” And so, he uses one that is greatly watered down in an attempt to change the mindset of the older generations. Allberry has included in his efforts an attempt to legitimize the category of gender dysphoria. And again, the goal is to provide a degree of affirmation.”

(Ed Dingess – Reformation Charlotte)   To be fair, Sam Allberry says there is a difference between same sex attraction and being gay. I just happen not to agree with him on this point.

There is a movement afoot in the evangelical churches to diversify. This diversity is coming at the churches in all shapes and sizes. The heartbeat of the diversity movement is an overwhelming need for affirmation. The generations that are coming up into early adulthood and even into their 30’s were raised in a culture of unbridled and unrestrained affirmation. These are the kids who played sports where everyone got a trophy no matter what. These are the kids who were taught to believe that they really are special. The worse thing imaginable that you could do to these adults is to refuse to agree with all that they have been taught to believe about themselves. They are good people. They are special people. They are beautiful people. They are entitled people. They deserve all that they have. On and on the list goes, but you get the idea.

The demographics of the churches is becoming more and more reflective of these generations of adults. And this shift will continue to increase over the next 10-20 years until they reflect an extremely high percentage of church membership. Now, as a side note, think about what this means for pastors and leaders who have bothered to look into these demographics and have seen the writing on the wall. What do you think their focus might be? Remember the movie “Field of Dreams?” View article →


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