Homosexual ‘Christianity’ – What is Happening?

“There is no more a homosexual “Christian” than there is a homicidal “Christian”: It is a monstrous delusion. If the desire of the heart is such that one purposefully identifies as an “any sin-Christian,” regeneration has not occurred.” 

(Toni S. Brown)  In all its clear deception, the homosexual “Christian” movement is spreading like gangrene, packed full of emotion and cloaked in biblical language, it leaves many dumbfounded as to how such a radically unbiblical lie could possibly “catch-on” in so-called biblically sound churches? For the answer, we must survey who is now promoting the lie of same-sex attracted(SSA) “Christians.” …

For the record, this movement refuses to use the biblical term homosexual or the worldly term gay, as this would clearly expose the entire concept as an oxymoron and an impossibility. According to homosexual pastor, Sam Allberry,  via his LivingOut website (https://www.livingout.org/):

We do not identify as gay Christianspreferring to use the term “same-sex attracted.

The manipulation of language for the purpose of deception in this phrase is staggering. They are homosexuals, but by way of word games they aim to mask the reality of their claim and their true intent. And it’s working like a charm in the nominal church.

Rachel Gilson is a lesbian Christian who has authored many articles promoting SSA Christianity via well known so-called Christian outlets like The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today. She also promotes the lie from her personal blog Born Again This Wayhttps://rachelgilson.com/.

Sam Allberry along with progressive Marxist, Tim Keller, of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC (PCA) and other liberals have been peddling the message behind the scenes for years and it seems their intended target – the conservative church, is finally taking the bait.

John Piper’s Desiring God promotes Gilson and regularly publishes her articles. Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Church had signed on to co-host one of Allberry’s Living Out events, but once the word got out he suddenly backed out with no public disclosure on either decision – for Mark Dever, mum’s the word! Ligon Duncan is clearly one of the behind the scenes movers and shakers, but with the rapid rate of acceptance in the visible church, Duncan was comfortable publicly endorsing Allberry at Ligonier’s 2019 conference. Al Mohler exhibits a level of waffling unlike anything ever witnessed when asked about the homosexual “Christian” movement, and has publicly apologized for denying that sexual-orientation is a thing, lamenting that he is “still learning.” Michael Horton is on board, publishing articles by “born again this way,” Rachel Gilson. White Horse Inn’s twitter feed reveals that Gilson’s article, I Thought Christians were Stupid Bigots, was last week’s top article: https://twitter.com/WhiteHorseInn/status/1108360797619658752

Gilson’s message is apparently well-received in this highly respected, reformed forum, after all…it’s Michael Horton! Gilson now has a resource page on the Core Christianity website with several articles published: https://corechristianity.com/resource-library/author-index/rachel-gilson.

Apparently, they plan to continue spreading the message of the “born again this way,” homosexual “Christian.”

There is no more a homosexual “Christian” than there is a homicidal “Christian”: It is a monstrous delusion. If the desire of the heart is such that one purposefully identifies as an “any sin-Christian,” regeneration has not occurred. Spend some time on the site links above- they openly admit that their perverted sexual desires are who they are and they regularly grandstand the sacrifice they are making for Christ by depriving themselves of sexual intimacy.

When a saint of God does open his lips about spiritual matters, it is to tell of what the Lord, in His infinite mercy, has done for him; but the carnal religionist is anxious for others to know what he is “doing for the Lord.”  —A. W. Pink (1886–1952)

We must understand this: It is not about the acceptance of celibate homosexuals in the church, it is about the hearty approval of homosexuality in the church. This nonsensical idea of the celibate homosexual is just a stepping stone, as the enemy never blows open the door and announces his arrival…no, he creeps in slowly, undetected- like a serpent. Cleverly and methodically manipulating his way inside. First they get in, then people get to know them, then people take note of how they are always the first to volunteer, then people take note of their kindness, then people really love them, then people grieve for their loneliness and begin to wonder Hath God Really Said? It’s the Genesis 3:1 serpent!

When the most trusted names in the church promote blatantly unbiblical nonsense, dangerous movements get their wings- then they just fly. Dear Christian, do not bow to this powerless, false gospel and do not stand back and leave such horrendous, self-deception unchallenged. Tell these people the truth.

“As a man thinks with his heart, so is he.”  Proverbs 23:7

Republished with Toni S. Brown’s permission.


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