Ex-Gay Testimony: The Gospel Radically Changed My Heart and Desires

“The Bible teaches no such thing as same-sex attraction for a Christian. Therefore if a man or women can live year after year with vile affections, they are habitually sinning and are not born of God. I fear and I believe most of these same-sex attraction preachers and ministers are not even born again. I see no fruit of repentance in their lives. I see no power of the cross working to kill their desires.”

(Josef Löwdin – Reformation Charlotte)  In an ungodly movement in the Church today, the idea that one can be a Christian while still sexually attracted to people of the same sex is gaining momentum….

It teaches that same-sex attraction, in and of itself, is not sinful unless acted upon. This notion is contrary to the teachings of the Scripture, namely that the root of sin is a wicked heart.

The following is a testimony from Josef Löwdin who says he experienced these vile attractions before he was saved, but was radically changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Already when I was a small boy, I started to notice that I had “bi-sexual” desires. Even though I, in general, liked girls mostly, I was also attracted to other boys. When I became a bit older, I still had these vile desires sometimes. I particularly remember one classmate that I held these deep desires for. I had desires for him but I also had desires for girls.    View article →


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