Progressive Christianity: Rejecting The Bible But Clinging To The Title Of Christian

“For some, it’s a strategy to destroy Christianity from within by infiltrating the church and replacing it with a counterfeit theology.”

(Triablogue)  Two recent events have drawn attention to progressive Christianity: the presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg and the death of Rachel Held Evans. A fundamental problem with progressive Christianity is that it’s just plain dumb. So-called progressive Christians recite the same dog-earned script as atheists. They recycle all the same hackneyed objections to the Bible that they copied from atheists. In that respect, I have nothing to say to a progressive Christian that I haven’t said to their atheist mentors and soulmates.

The only different thing I have to say to them is why not come clean? Why not become a Buddhist or secular humanist? If you believe all those objections to the Bible, that’s not a reason to reject the Bible but cling to the title of Christian, but to reject Christianity outright. Make a clean break. Christianity is founded on historic revelation. If you reject that principle, if you think the Bible is so erroneous, then the Christian paradigm is fatally flawed. The source is too polluted to be salvageable. Progressive Christians want to keep the “nice” parts of Christianity while rejecting the “bad” parts. But you end up with an ad hoc pastiche.    View article →