‘Fully Woke,’ Reformed Theological Seminary Starts ‘Women in Ministry’ Scholarship

“Why would women want to attend seminary? To teach? To preach? The RTS website says that its purpose is primarily to train pastors. What ministry roles, in particular, will women be trained to do?”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Reformed Theological Seminary is funded by James Riady, the corrupt globalist Clinton financier and felon who was prosecuted and kicked out of the United States for using foreign cash to influence the American political system. After several years of generous donations to RTS, led by its chancellor, Ligon Duncan, the once-conservative Reformed seminary now embraces women in ministry with a new scholarship designed to attract women to offices within the church.

James Riady, the wealthy Indonesian business man, still is a major financial contributor to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Riady also recently (2016) gave the Clintons enough money to become a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

After pleading guilty to felony conspiracy, 86 misdemeanors, fined more than 8 million dollars and kicked out of the U.S. by our State Department, Riady has found a new way to bring change to the American political system. Politicians can’t take his cash without winding up in jail, but Ligon Duncan, RTS, The Gospel Coalition, and Westminster Philadelpia (leading “New Calvinist” institutions) are taking his money hand-over-fist. They’re also all making a hard-left turn.  View article →


No, Women, You are Not Called to Preach!


Ligon Duncan

Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”