Teen ‘Pride’ Event Includes ‘Chest Binder’ Giveaway, Info on How to Use Condoms, Drag Show

“How many 14-year-olds are sexually active? More than their parents know about. Allowing someone to have access to free condoms and to be taught how to properly use them so they are being safe is so much better than them being denied knowledge and a form of birth control, which then makes them susceptible to an STD, HIV, or an unwanted pregnancy,”

(Heather Clark – Christian News Network)  A pride event for teenagers that was promoted as “[t]he most rainbow-filled fun you can imagine” and featured a drag show, a presentation on safe sex and how to use a condom, and a giveaway for “chest binders” for girls who identify as boys was held at a public library in Washington on Saturday.

“A pride celebration designed by teens for teens! Learn about local organizations here to support you! Free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels! Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag! Free binder raffle!” a page on the King County Library System website states of the event at the Renton Public Library.

“The most rainbow filled fun you can imagine!”

However, one local resident who was among those who stood against the event said that “handouts included lube [and] flavored condoms,” and that eight girls could win a chest binder. The binders are used when females are bothered by the appearance of their breasts because they identify more with males and wish to look and feel like one.

Video footage of two of the drag presentations have been posted to social media. One video shows one man stripping off his skirt during his performance as he prances across the floor in high-heeled boots for cheering onlookers.  View article →


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