Evangelical Leader Testifies for CA Resolution Pressuring Pastors to Affirm LGBT identities

Author, speaker and ordained pastoral counselor Joe Dallas expressed frustration with Mannoia’s endorsement on his Facebook page. “It’s very discouraging to hear that Dr. Kevin Mannoia, Chaplain of Azusa Pacific University, has testified in support of ACR 99, a California assembly resolution which essentially tells California pastors what they should or should not say about homosexuality,” Dallas wrote. “We expect Christian leaders to be about the business of saving, not caving.”

(Greg Burt – California Family)  Azusa Pacific University Chaplain and the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, Dr. Kevin Mannoia, shocked Christian leaders last week when he testified in favor of a California resolution directing pastors and counselors to affirm LGBT identities and behavior….

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 99, authored by Assemblyman Evan Low, calls on “counselors, pastors, religious workers, educators” and institutions with “great moral influence” to stop perpetuating the idea that something is wrong with being LGBT. ACR 99 also condemns attempts to change unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion as “unethical,” “harmful,” and leading to high LGBT suicide rates.

“Last year’s AB 2943 was a dangerous attack on Christian leaders, organizations, and counselors, directly targeting biblical views on sexual behavior and gender identity. That’s why it was so shocking to see a supposed leader like Kevin Mannoia supporting ACR 99, the follow-up resolution which condemns people of faith,” said California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “California Christians love our neighbors who identify as LGBTQ. Sadly, it appears Assemblyman Low and other intolerant legislators will not stop until people of faith publicly celebrate the legislature’s preferred concept of sexual orientation and gender identity. Kevin Mannoia knows his fellow believers cannot endorse Mr. Low’s viewpoint and remain faithful to Christ. Tragically, Mannoia chose to allow himself to be used as a prop in support of ACR 99. He should know better.”

In a letter submitted to legislators, Mannoia wrote, “On behalf of some Christian pastors and church leaders, I write to express various levels of support for the Resolution ACR99 dealing with Conversion Therapy and LGBTQ persons.” View article →


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