Bethel Redding singer Amanda Lindsey Cook’s Jesus as ‘Enlightened Master’?

“Bill Johnson believes the miracles Jesus performed came about because He, as a man, and only as a man, had access to the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Johnson teaches that Christians should be capable of wondrous feats of healing and miracles due to our own relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  “Happy Good Friday everyone. I never know how to greet people on this day….a day we mark as a moment in time when the Enlightened Master seemed to descend into shadows.”[1] — Amanda Lindsey Cook

Enlightened Master?

Bethel Redding worship leader Amanda Lindsey Cook is a gifted singer/songwriter, and her music can be heard in churches around the world.[2] After an interview with the Christian Post to promote her latest album, Cook drew attention for her strange comments about God–so strange, in fact, that Holly Pivec, co-author of two books on the New Apostolic Reformation, wrote:

In light of this interview, I believe churches should reconsider their use of her music and any other music coming from Bethel Church (or elsewhere) that is written by songwriters with such a woefully deficient view of God. [3]

Readers who follow Holly Pivec’s reports on the NAR and other subjects know she is not given to hyperbole. In her article, Pivec noted some of the puzzling statements Cook made about God during  the Christian Post interview:  View article →


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