Drag Queen Story Hour is ‘Indoctrination’ of Children Into LGBTQ Culture

The left is willingly now putting these children in harm’s way. They are not telling them the health risks, the immense health risks of homosexual behavior. So many issues on just health alone, not to mention morality and where the souls of these children are headed, if they’re promoted into this sinful lifestyle.”

(Michael W. Chapman – CNSNews)  The spreading practice of men dressed in drag reading to very young children in public libraries — and in some Barnes & Noble book stores — is a way to “indoctrinate” kids into the LGBTQ world and imprint “perversion” in their young minds, said Peter LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. He added that the entire experience is “like mental rape.”

LaBarbera, whose organization defends the natural law, the natural family, and a biblical worldview, made his remarks during a June 25 interview on VCY America, hosted by Jim Schneider.

Commenting on the “Drag Queen Story Hours,” LaBarbera said, “Like the public schools, the elites, the leftists running these libraries – and they’re social leftists, many of them, completely pro-LGBTQ – they view the children as, sort of, their children, in the sense that they don’t want the parents there.”  View article →


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