The Forgotten Facts about Michael Brown of Brownsville

“While speaking at that Jerusalem gathering, Michael Brown proceeded to tell the attendees that “tonight,” that night, would be a “history-making” night insomuch as the Holy Spirit would descend in power and fire as earth-shaking and monumental as the literal day of Pentecost detailed in Acts, chapter 2. On a video of this speech in the presence of Israeli Messianic leaders including such leading scholars as Dr.  Arnold Fruchtenbaum who all witnessed the false prophetic predictions, Michael Brown went so far as to interpret the national disaster of forest fires destroying 20% of Israel’s reforested land as emblematic of the outpouring.” 

(Sandy Simpson – Deception In The Church)  Dr. Brown has been making the rounds of evangelical church gatherings and conferences presenting himself as an authority on Judaism and the truth of Scripture….

His latest conference, where he is listed first as a plenary speaker, is the NCCA (National Conference on Christian Apologetics) put on by Southern Evangelical Seminary (SBC) and held at Calvary Church in Charlotte. Looks good except for one glaring problem.  Michael Brown.  This guy has been inserting himself in all kinds of apologetics and Jewish studies conferences.  He carries with him an unrepentant participation in the Brownsville “Outpouring” that split hundreds of churches worldwide with the false teachings of the Latter Rain.  He lied to Holly Pivec of Spirit of Error by saying there was no such thing as the New Apostolic Reformation.  He is a clear wolf in sheep’s clothing.  There are some good knowledgeable people participating in this conference but I would not spend a dime to hear his diaprax.  Please warn others about this.

This from a man who is actually an adherent of Latter Rain teachings, associate and participant with many New Apostolic members (for an older membership list go here), and who has never repented of the false teachings of Brownsville in which he participated as a leader and that split many churches around the world along doctrinal lines.  I have a number of articles about him on my site.  I started collecting articles exposing the Brownsville “Revival” back in 1996 because of the lies being told by its leadership.  I wanted to leave a historical record of what went on, of the false teachings and false prophecies, so that they could not dupe people with false information they are putting out there.  Such is the case with Michael Brown, one of the leaders in that movement.  Following is evidence of his guilt by participation in the Third Wave.  My hope is that Bible-believing, Christ-centered Christian organizations will quit associating with him.

Brown has made a number of false statements and false prophecies.  View article →


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