How To Confront And Cross Examine Incompetent Marxist Educators

“There are many questions that can be used to plant a stone in the shoe of students while undermining the efficacy of the indoctrinator who is posing as an educator. In fact, I have several that I provide for students who are forced to take the classes taught by the committed Marxists in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at UNC-Wilmington (where I teach).” 

(Mike S. Adams – Daily Wire)  Each summer, I spend several months at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. While I am here, I give pro-life lectures as well as lectures on student free speech rights….

Many of the students who attend Summit’s two-week worldview conferences ask me questions about how best to deal with difficult teachers and professors. Just this morning, a student asked such a question that was so important it requires a column-length response. First, let me supply a little background information.

The student in question attends a public high school. Last year, he took a world geography class that was taught by a socialist. In the class, the teacher tried to advance his socialist ideas. In the process, he claimed that a) communist countries founded on Marxist principles are “not that bad,” and that b) students’ unfavorable impression of communist nations is the result of brainwashing by their parents.

That kind of indoctrination is arrogant. It is also disappointing for at least two reasons. First of all, we expect to hear about socialist professors using the college classroom for indoctrination. But it is truly disappointing to hear this happening in a high school setting. Second, it is deeply disappointing to hear of teachers going beyond merely propping up socialism (to the point of defending communist regimes) and actually attacking the students’ parents in the process. These parents are the very people who pay the taxes that allow the teacher to earn a living.  View article →