The Truth

“Charlatans like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren tell us that the federal government will provide for children who are mistreated by their parents.  That is a false promise.  But Republicans are misleading the country too, by failing to actively promote good parenting and self-reliance based on smart, disciplined behavior.”  

(Bill O’Reilly)  Bad parenting, not capitalism, is the main cause of “income inequality” in America.  The left, including liberal educators, media, and politicians will never admit that, but it’s absolutely true.

We begin with education.  If a young child is not exposed to learning by age two, that innocent, helpless person is already at risk in a competitive society.  If there are no books in the home, no awareness-building games, no fun dialogue with the parents, the child may not develop a curiosity about life.

As the child gets older, parents must participate in the learning process – emphasizing the tremendous importance of academic discipline and monitor school work on a daily basis. (emphasis added)

Millions of American parents simply refuse to do that.

Now the environment.  If the home is full of conflict, loud noise, unpredictable behavior by one parent or both, the young child may not develop intellectual skills and will likely be unsteady and insecure. Then there is the work ethic: if a child does not understand that accomplishment is based on performance, doom is nearby. Hard work must be taught, it is not inherited or casually acquired.  The word “hard” is there for a reason.    View article →