Where Did Family Come From?

“It’s almost impossible to over-emphasize the difference this makes. Why? Because if we created it, we define it and we are accountable only to ourselves. But if God created it, he defines it and we are accountable to him.”

(Tim Challies)  We are at an interesting and perhaps unprecedented time in history when our understanding of family is being confronted and our definition of family is being rewritten. The social norms of Western society and the laws of Canada are changing fast….

Things that only a generation ago were considered inadvisable, immoral, or just plain evil are now considered good, normal, and worthy of celebration. Things that not long ago were considered the mark of a crumbling society are now considered marks of an advanced society.

So what is a family, anyway? Where did it come from? Who has the right to define it?

Ask the culture around us about the origins of family and you’ll probably hear that over billions of years humanity evolved from lesser organisms and along the way we created family as a means of protection and social organization. Family arose from within the human mind as we evolved and as we adapted to life in a hostile world.  View article →


God Created Family To Carry Out His Will–part 2