The Evil White Man Syndrome

“It doesn’t matter that Elijah Cummings and everyone else in Baltimore knows his district is in tough shape.  The media will not allow non-minorities to state that.  In America today, speech that criticizes “people of color” is racist speech.  And don’t you forget it.”  

(Bill O’Reilly)  To understand the current “racist” label in politics, you must uncover the overriding current philosophy on the far left.  And that comes down to this: the United States has always been a patriarchy run by evil, corrupt white guys who delight in delivering pain to everyone else.

Put Donald Trump’s picture next to that definition.

The radical left is so extreme on this that even socialist bomb-thrower Bernie Sanders is now being shunned by some of his fellow travelers.  Old white guys do not have it going on in 2019.

Recently, a tape was uncovered where Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Illinois warned Americans that white men are the primary cause of violence in the USA and we had better watch them.

Similar “white guys are malignant” stuff appears in the media nearly every day with the subliminal message being women and minorities should be running the country, calling all the shots.

Of course, the aforementioned Donald Trump is the template for anti-white male sentiment.  For more than three years, the President has been ruthlessly attacked by many leftwing women and minorities.  But if Mr. Trump counterattacks, he is branded a racist and misogynist.  So he can’t defend himself without bringing on further attacks. View article →