Transgender weightlifter’s gold medal sparks new debate

British group “Fair Play for Women” also recently urged the sport authorities to “wake up” after Hubbard won the titles and argued that sports must be separated by sex rather than gender identity.

(Lukas Mikellonis – Fox News)  A women’s rights group demanded action after a transgender weightlifter dominated a recent tournament and is free to compete at next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

The controversy stems from Laurel Hubbard’s performance at the Games in Samoa earlier this month, where she won two golds and a silver in three of the women’s heavyweight categories.

Women’s rights groups say that Hubbard, who competed for New Zealand in men’s weightlifting before her transition in her thirties, is having an “unfair” advantage against women and shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the Olympics in the women’s category.

New Zealand-based lobby group “Speak Up For Women” called on the country’s Olympic committee and sports minister to “defend women’s sport,” Reuters reported.

“Kiwis (New Zealanders) know that males competing in women’s sport is blatantly unfair,” the group’s spokesperson Ani O’Brien said.  View article →