NY Times Piles Hate on America with the 1619 Project

“The reason Donald Trump is hated and despised and feared is not just the Washington establishment. It is the worldwide globalist establishment. So in response to Trump, the New York Times, a leader in this globalist, “Let’s take America down a peg or two ’cause America doesn’t deserve her status” crowd has their new agenda that America’s true founding was when slaves first arrived, and everything that happened thereafter is basically criminal. The United States is a criminal state that has achieved its unwarranted power and prosperity on the backs of people of color.”

(Rush Limbaugh show transcript)  RUSH: We have some follow-ups from yesterday. I spent a lot of time, as you recall, yesterday on the New York Times attempting to rewrite American history and the founding of America as dating to 1619 when the slave trade arrived in North America. You talk about the state of modern-day journalism.

And not only is the New York Times basically now preparing a series — it’s not even correct to say series of essays. The New York Times’ daily existence from now through Election Day 2020 will be devoted to the idea that all American greatness and exceptionalism is rooted in slavery. And the story that they ran yesterday is so chock-filled with lies about slavery, not just here, but in Great Britain — and the timing. It is all fake news.

Erick Erickson did some historical research and wrote a piece about it that I’m gonna be quoting from later just nuking the entire New York Times story yesterday.


RUSH: Okay. Yesterday I spent a lot of time, because it was a giant See, I Told You So. The New York Times has moved on to a new hoax. They have moved on to a new narrative. Every narrative — and it’s the end of journalism officially. The New York Times announced that there is no more journalism in the New York Times. There is simply agenda orientation and narrative advancement. And the New York Times has decided that America was not officially founded in 1776. And the Revolutionary War had nothing to do with America’s independence.

America was actually founded in 1619. And, by the way, we’re coming up on the 400-year anniversary, you see. And what happened in 1619 is the first African slaves arrived for sale in what is now Virginia. And so the New York Times and their new premise, their new narrative is that the United States is a gigantic fraud. That the real story of the United States that’s taught is bogus. That America’s true past is one of immorality, injustice, racism, bigotry, homophobia.

The premise is that everything great about America, American exceptionalism, all of America’s great achievements are essentially illegitimate because they would not have happened without slavery. This is the New York Times’ new premise. They preceded all this with a series of tweets six days ago saying that their project from now through the 2020 election would be to demonstrate that not a single American achievement would have happened were it not for the evil of slavery. And, therefore, everything about the United States is illegitimate.

I made a big deal about it because it was a giant See, I Told You So. This has been a message I have been conveying to you in this audience for years about the left’s true intent. The transformation of America as Obama described it, the eight years of Obama were indeed a plan designed to make Americans believe that the greatness of America was not justified, that it was indefensible, that all of the great economic prosperity the American people have enjoyed was not really legitimate because it was so ill-gotten in so many ways.

So the Obama people came up with this new term “the new normal.” “The new normal” is a steady declining economy that needs to be expertly managed, that Americans’ expectations need to be lowered, that the central ingredient of the American dream, that children will do better than their parents, is over.

This is what Obama and his acolytes told the American people. Economic growth in excess of one, one and a half percent should never, ever be expected. He even had a name for this, “the new normal.” America in decline, a decline that we deserved, by the way, a rollback in prosperity and power that we deserved because it was achieved in inhumane, illegitimate ways.  View article →


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