Popular, But False…Do Not Be Deceived

“Just because a speaker sounds good to you does not mean he is speaking the truth. Do not trust your heart. God’s Word tells us the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. As fallen, sinful human beings, we will always seek validation and permission for our wicked, sinful desires. Many will come, even in God’s name, to grant such permission and soothe our consciences, and such people will be very popular. But do not be deceived.”

(Rob Pue – Rapture Ready)  I remember watching Christian-based movies back in the 1970s and ‘80s having to do with the end times. They were not very well done, and I found one aspect of these movies to be a little bit hard to grasp. They always showed Christians under great persecution….

Society had changed so much that Christians were now portrayed as haters – as a dangerous faction that had to be done away with.  Christians were, in fact, HATED because they were perceived as being hateful. They were attacked in the streets, churches were burned, some were hauled off to concentration – or “re-education” camps.  Many had to worship secretly in private homes, and even these home meetings were made illegal.

At the time, I could not understand how such a scenario could possibly happen in America, even though Scripture warns about persecution in the last days. But today, I realize these scenes portrayed in movies a generation ago were not so preposterous, but instead, prophetic.

Indeed, how quickly things have turned around. Today, in our age of unbridled tolerance, everything is readily accepted, and no one is willing to judge right and wrong or declare moral absolutes. No one, that is, except the Bible-believing Christian. In a world that seeks not just acceptance, but celebration of any act, any lifestyle, it is only the Scripture-studying Christian who recognizes a law higher than man’s; it is only the Christian, seeking to proclaim God’s Word, that represents a thorn in the side of the sinner.

The tide has turned, and the direction is irreversible. Those who hold to the Scriptures cannot, at the same time, turn a blind eye to sin and evil. We can’t look at the great wickedness of abortion and ignore it. We can’t watch the militant efforts of the homosexual lobby to indoctrinate even our children into an aberrant lifestyle, and look the other way. We can’t, in good conscience, watch in silence as millions embrace the demonic religion of evolution, as they declare the existence of a Creator to be a fairytale of the ignorant. And as we seek to obey the Great Commission, we cannot help but speak out, and share our faith in our Savior with a world heading full speed down the road to hell.  View article →


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