Russell Moore Speaking at Event in Conjunction With Adoption Agency That Hands Children Over to Homosexuals

“Jonathan Merritt once served on the national board of directors for Bethany…Merritt is the gay son of former Southern Baptist President, James Merritt. Now, why wouldn’t we want to support an adoption agency with homosexuals on its board who hands children over to homosexual couples?”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  We’ve been warning you for months that the gay Evangelical push for inclusion was leading down a dark path that no honest Christian in their right mind could support. A while back, we reported that The Gospel Coalition was platforming a gay Anglican priest, Sam Allberry, to push not only for homosexual inclusion in churches and church families but also for churches to back gay, single-parent adoption.

One particular notion that The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) have been pushing in recent months is the adoption of a new type of family, a “communal” family — discarding the notion of the nuclear family as idolatry. Sam Allberry has been a close friend to not only The Gospel Coalition, but the ERLC headed up by Russell Moore. Last year, Allberry was invited to speak at the ERLC conference whereby he advocated for the redefinition of the family — favoring the “church family” over the nuclear family.  View article →


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