How to Clean Up Your School and Stop the Revolution

“Get rid of teachers’ unions. Who’s the boss here? You are, taxpayer, and if parents get active, you can make sure the destructive, anti-child, anti-American policies of the NEA and its local affiliates don’t bleed all over your local school….After last year’s Supreme Court ruling, this once-Goliath group is much more vulnerable, and that’s our opportunity.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  The backpacks are loaded, the lunch boxes are filled.

What else will your child need this school year?

Oh, yes, that other thing—a truthful, academically-based education that doesn’t include hyper-sexualization, privacy violation, smashing of American patriotism, and hatred of Christianity.

So what can parents do in the face of today’s highly-compromised public schools? Can they ever become institutions where actual learning occurs minus the corruption and leftist revolutionary training?

Here are my ten suggestions to parents. I know these are big chunks to bite off, but we should dream big dreams. Take a deep breath…and go for it.

  1. First change needs to be…yourself. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps. If you’ve put off reading the school’s policies, your child’s curriculum, the recommended reading lists, and the school newsletter, do it asap. And then say a prayer for wisdom and courage. Find like-minded parents who will join you as watchdogs and warriors to do what needs to be done. Then go do it. These are your children and you don’t get a do-over.

Or move them to a Christian school. But if that’s not an option, research and vigilance are your assignments.    View article →