Poll: 73% Of Republican College Students Have Kept Quiet In Class Out Of Fear Of Backlash

The question asked: “Have you ever withheld your political views in class for fear that your grades would suffer?” Seventy-three percent of students who identity as “strong Republican” reported that they had, while 71 percent of students who identify as “weak Republican” said yes. 

(Timothy Meades – Townhall)   We know from Young America’s Foundation that Generation Z is very confused about socialism, capitalism, and the American way of life. We also learned from YAF that America’s college and high school students across the political spectrum have held back their real opinions out of fear they would offend a friend….

But, a new poll shows that Republican students in particular are afraid to discuss their actual beliefs out of fear that they will suffer the consequences grade wise for thinking differently from their teacher.

As reported by the College Fix, nearly three-quarters of Republican and Republican-leaning college students fear backlash in the classroom for their anti-Democrat stances: View article →