A timely call for a ‘charismatic code of ethics’

Rule Number 1: All charismatics leaders, I am challenging you to sign on to the charismatic code of ethics. Rule number 1 being no claims to miraculous healings will be made public by any charismatic leaders until the healings have been verified by independent third party medical doctors.

(Churchwatch Central)  In his latest YouTube broadcast, Ps. Chris Rosebrough is calling for the establishment of a ‘Charismatic Code of Ethics’. Many ex-charismatics will appreciate Ps. Rosebrough’s call for this ‘code’ because of the spiritual damage they experienced before the Lord drew them out to greener pastures and still waters. The first ‘code of ethics’ call is on the ‘claims of the miraculous’. Ps. Rosebrough states:

“There are a lot of claims out there regarding the miraculous and here’s the thing – I completely believe that God can and does miraculously heal people. I’m a firm believer in miracles. I do not believe that God has ceased performing miracles. No, not at all, in fact I’ve prayed for people in my lifetime as a Christian and I have seen God miraculously answer prayer. I have, there’s just no way around it. But one of the things I would never engage in nor would I encourage you to do is get up and have a healing line and knock people over or claim that people watching ‘Fighting For The Faith’ YouTube channel were raised from the dead – unless of course I could actually provide documentation to that effect.” View article →



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