Not Peace, But A Sword

34 “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34 (NASB) 

The character and the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ is not well understood by the majority of people on planet Earth. In fact, many professing “Christians” have an image of Him in their understanding that is based upon fleshly reasoning. This “other” Jesus is not Biblical for the most part. They have given their Jesus a whole new set of values and traits that conflict sharply with the Jesus presented in the Gospels in His own words.

One of the most damaging false images of Jesus that we have among us in the 21st Century is one that presents Him as a man of peace no matter the cost. When false doctrinal positions are brought into the light and so that the error can be dealt with Biblically, the supporters and quasi supporters of that false doctrinal position will often declare that those who are doing this are not Christlike because of their expositions against what amounts to lies about God and His nature. They declare that Jesus would never do that.

The fact that they say or write something like that is a clear indication that they don’t know the real Jesus who is presented in scripture. Jesus was very blunt and vocal in His opposition against false religion and its leaders in His day. He presented God the Father and His nature to everyone who would listen and never compromised the message of the Gospel nor did He flinch from presenting the truth in stark black and white–right and wrong. Jesus did not give us gray areas open to interpretation. People are saved or lost. People are sheep or goats. People obey God or they don’t.   View article →